Utility Mapping

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Why Utility Mapping is Important

Underground Utility Mapping is important anytime you are going to break ground on a property or job-site.

Utility maps identify what type of underground cables and pipes are running through the property and their location. These utilities include power cables, gas pipes, water, telecommunication cables, storm drains, and abandoned/unknown underground services. Our underground utility mapping service will give you comprehensive knowledge of what’s underground, helping you ensure a safer work environment and avoid preventable utility damage.

Underground Utility Mapping

Once our experts have identified and marked out the locations of your detectible underground cables and pipes, we can then begin the utility mud mapping process. Our certified cable locators Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern NSW use on-site mapping tools and techniques, to draw in the location of the underground utilities on a site-map and provide a depth estimation for each underground cable and pipe.

Benefits of Underground Utility Maps

  • Minimize Risk
  • Avoid high repair costs
  • Safer work environment
  • Avoid the unexpected
  • Have confidence before you dig
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