Electromagnetic Detection

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What is Electromagnetic Detection?

Electromagnetic Detection is by far the safest and most accurate way to find locatable underground utilities with no damage to your property or the environment.

This cutting edge technology enables us to locate a wide range of traceable services buried beneath the ground. Electromagnetic locators consist of two parts the Transmitter and the Receiver. The transmitter emits a frequency selected by one of our underground utility location operators. The receiver detects these frequencies, and our operator can then accurately locate and mark out the location of your underground cables and pipes.

State Of The Art Equipment

Electromagnetic Detection is the most effective and reliable utility location technologies available. At Expert Service Locating, we use only the best EM locating equipment available as well as other technologies that enable us to use a wide range of locating frequencies. Because of this, we can trace, identify and mark out both easy and hard-to-find underground cables and pipes. These include Telecommunication & Power, Water Pipes, Fibre Optic cables, Traffic Lights, Street Lights, Gas, Sewer and much more.

Whether you are a contractor starting work on a job-site or a homeowner wanting to do some DIY on your property, knowing “where” and “what” is beneath your ground is crucial. No matter how big or small your project is, any time you start digging without this knowledge means running the risk of damaging underground utility pipes and wires.

Before you start any digging or excavating on your project, call one of our professional cable and pipe locators. Know what’s underground. Dig with confidence.

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