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Underground Cable Locating

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Queensland Underground Cable Locating

Expert Service Locating Pty. Ltd. specialises in Underground Cable Locating and provides this service to a wide variety of clients and sectors. From the construction industry to residential projects. Our pipe and cable locating services are utilised by construction firms, government entities, DIY home builders, builders and more.

Cable Locating is a safety net against costly repairs and time loss. Underground service locating is a first and foremost necessity for all projects involving Underground Pipes and Cables, Power Cables, Optic Fibre, Communication cables, Sewer Pipes, Water Mains and more.

Underground Cable Locating involves cable wire tracing equipment, better known as Electromagnetic Detection. Electromagnetic Detection or EM Detection consists of a transmitter and receiver.

The cable wire transmitter transmits various radio frequencies onto the desired cable. The radiofrequency transferred onto the line gets detected with the receiver. The cable wire is then marked out on the ground with survey paint as per the recommended colour code requirements.

Depth Estimates

A depth estimate reading of the cable can be acquired and noted in some cases. A depth estimate will provide the depth reading estimate to the client upon request as a reference for when they use safe-dig methods.

Depth Estimates will confirm the exact location and depth of the electronically located cable or pipe as per the underground utility owner's duty of care requirements and other authorities.

Safe Digging Methods

After locating services have been utilised, Safe-Dig methods need to be used by the general contractor or the company undertaking the building and excavation works to confirm and prove the exact location of the marked underground services provided by the cable location company.

Cable Locators Brisbane and Gold Coast

Expert Service Locating Pty. Ltd. is Queensland's leading Underground Cable Locating and Pipe Detection Service specialists. With over 17 years of experience, we have completed many global and national projects within Australia.

With no project too big or small we have the necessary experience to consult with our clients on which direction they should take when it comes to them asking us how to locate underground cables, underground services, and utility mapping services.

Our Underground Cable Locator Brisbane service is provided to all Brisbane suburbs and other Shires and Councils such as Morton Bay, Ipswich and many more. Our Gold Coast cable locating services are provided to all Gold Coast suburbs such as Ormeau, Coomera, Nerang, Robina, Burleigh Heads, Coolangatta, and Tweed Heads to Ballina.

How do i know if my project needs a cable locator

Underground Cable Locating is a serious task to complete in any project where they may conflict. It is never safe to assume that your work area is free of Underground Cables and Pipes. You must hire a qualified Underground Service Locating technician before your project commencing. When knowing where your pipes and cables are, you can plan accordingly to avoid or access these Underground Services within the guidelines of government requirements and asset owner's duty of care.

What about Construction Plans and DBYD Maps?

As constructed plans and DBYD maps that show existing services, generally, only provide an estimate on where these services may be. It is best to not rely on existing service plans as sometimes they are incorrect or do not show all services that may be present.

This could be because they were not initially added to the as-constructed plans or installed after the plans were made. In most cases, there are no as constructed drawing for underground services, which leaves contractors and homeowners alike scratching there heads and wondering where the existing pipes and cables are in reference to their proposed building site or proposed trench lines.

This guessing game can prove very costly and time consuming if not handled correctly and safely. A way of mitigating this potential headache is to requesting plans from DBYD and the local Council of your project area and consult with a DYBD accredited service locations company.

Excavation VS Cable Locating in Brisbane

Excavation contractors are among many that benefit from a pipe and cable locator. Mechanical excavation and drilling equipment do not discriminate between a tree root or an Optic Fibre cable.

These machinery types will rip through lines without any warnings and cause significant problems and loss of resources for many reasons. This is why it is essential to call a certified underground cable locator service to mark and map out any underground services that may be conflicting with your proposed trench line and drill locations. Damaging a power cable can be very dangerous and costly. Our cable locating service Gold Coast will give our clients peace of mind so they can be stress-free while excavating and drilling.

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