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Underground Service Locating Brisbane Gold Coast

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What is Underground Service Locating?

Underground service locating is a process in which both public and private underground utility mains are identified and marked out prior to any digging.

Since various sorts of underground cables and pipes are manufactured using a wide variety of materials, high-tech and advanced methods are required for the detection and location of these underground utilities.

Because most utility maps lack the necessary precision needed to ensure precise clearance, having your services located by a professional cable and pipe locator is crucial. Due to outdated and inaccurate maps, this is especially true for older cities.

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Certified Underground Service Locators Brisbane, Gold Coast

Expert Service Locating is Brisbane's & Gold Coast's leading specialist in all divisions of underground service locating and utility locations. Being certified by Dial Before You Dig (DBYD), and fully accredited by Telstra. We provide the most comprehensive and accurate underground service locating possible, making us a household name in the industry and one of the top cable and pipe locating companies servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Northern NSW.

Knowing about all the underground utilities and their location on your property is essential and should always be the first step you take before doing any heavy tasks such as drilling, grading, digging or building design. This knowledge will provide you with the confidence needed to carry out your tasks and help minimize the risk of damage, injury and unnecessary repair costs. We provide the knowledge of what is underground, so can you dig with confidence!

Our Range of Services

We are Telstra accredited, DBYD certified, fully insured, and have extensive knowledge of the country’s underground infrastructure. Our highly experienced staff carry out each underground location service with the highest standard of professionalism and use only the best methods and state-of-the-art underground location equipment available. Reputation speaks for itself as we have been in the underground service locating industry for over 17 years. No matter how big or small, we can provide you with the underground cable and pipe location services necessary to make your next project a success.

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