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Expert Service Locators Brisbane and Gold Coast. We provide underground cable and pipe locating services throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW, using the best methods and technologies. Know what’s underground. Dig with confidence.

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Professional Service Locators Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern NSW

Expert Service Locating is a Queensland & Northern NSW based underground service locating company with over 17 years of trusted industry knowledge and experience finding underground services.

At Expert Service Locating we offer an array of underground location services while using the latest underground locating technologies. We are fully accredited Telstra, Optus and Dial Before You Dig certified underground service locator Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW. And with over 17 years of experience marking and locating cables and pipes, you can trust you are in good hands. Dig With Confidence. Call us today!

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Expert Service Locators

Always hire an underground service locator for your project before breaking ground.
Don’t damage a service or worse. We’ll locate it first!

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Expert Locators

We have been providing the highest quality underground service location, locating pipes and services both domestically and globally for nearly two decades. With our knowledge of the underground service infrastructures and our use of cutting edge cable and pipe locating technologies, we are your go-to “Experts” for underground locating Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW.

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Accurate Locations

Prevent destructive excavations. By using multiple state-of-the-art electromagnetic underground service locating technologies, we provide you with the most accurate location of your services possible within the permitters of radio detection equipment. So you can be at ease knowing you are doing your duty of care by minimising the risk of damages to your services.

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Project Savings

Gambling with the location of your services is never a good idea. Accidentally hitting an underground service line due to negligence by not having a pipe and cable locator can not only be extremely costly and timely, but it also puts you and your team at risk for injury. Our team of fully certified underground service locators will help minimise your risk and get the job done promptly and accurately.

Cable and Pipe Locating Service

Hiring a Cable and Pipe Locating Service Helps Reduce Damage, Save Money and Improve Safety by locating underground services before you dig. Because after all, its what’s underneath that matters most!

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Underground Service Locating Brisbane and Gold Coast

It is the unknown that presents the highest risk to your project or job-site. Our underground pipe locators Brisbane & Gold Coast understand this. That is why we locate and mark out all your service utilities promptly and accurately. By using different technologies and frequencies, we can locate different types of utility services and provide you with a depth reading estimation. Stop guessing and start knowing where your services are.

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Underground Cable and Pipe Locating Services

For many projects, knowing the location of your underground cables and pipes is crucial at the beginning stages of early planning and preparation. By hiring a pipe and cable locating service, you are able to know where to place landscaping, foundations, supports and structures appropriately. At Expert Service Locating, we help make your project planning easy and straightforward by promptly locating your services.

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Electromagnetic Detection

Unlike outdated methods and technologies used in the past, we use state-of-the-art electromagnetic underground service locating technologies. These new-age tools allow us to adjust radio frequencies accordingly to find a wide range of traceable underground cables and pipes. We can tell you what kind of cable or pipe it is, the location and provide you with a depth estimation. Our goal is to help you reduce risk and avoid damage to your next project.

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Underground Utility Mapping Service

Knowing your underground infrastructure can mean getting your project done on time and on budget. That's why at Expert Service Locating we offer a range of locating services, including underground utility mapping. By using the latest measuring and mapping tools, we can provide you with the most accurate map of your services possible. Take the guesswork out of your next project and start digging with confidence.

Cable & Pipe Locating

If you are planning a project that requires digging or excavating, contact Expert Service Locating today for the most accurate underground pipe locating services, from one of Australia’s leading underground cable locators in Brisbane & Northern NSW.

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Fully Certified Underground Service Locators Brisbane

Are you digging in the dark? STOP! Not knowing the location of your åservices means running the risk of hitting underground cables and pipes. Not only can this be very costly and time-consuming if you accidentally cut or damage one of these service lines but, it can also be extremely dangerous.

Knowing the location of underground service utilities on your job-site or property is the first step to take before any digging, drilling, grading and design-build. Identifying where your underground utility services are located, means completing your project, on time and on budget by successfully preventing Injury, Underground Cable and Pipe Damage and High Repair Costs.

Your Trusted QLD Underground Pipe Locators

Our team of professionals are Dial Before You Dig certified and Telstra accredited underground pipe locators. With years of experience accurately locating in the most complex conditions, we can handle any job, big or small. We have worked for various industries such as Aerospace, Military, Government Departments, Hospitals and globally recognized companies. Our extensive training and experience allow us to use the most accurate pipe locator techniques and technologies to provide you with the best and safest underground pipe & cable locating services!

South East Queensland, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales.

Need an underground service locating service? We can help! Our Gold Coast and Brisbane service locating team provide comprehensive underground utility locating to Coolangatta Gold Coast, Brisbane CBD, Toowoomba, Caboolture, and the Sunshine Coast region (ending at Noosa). Our New South Wales utility locating team offers underground service location throughout Northern Rivers suburbs from Tweed Heads to Bryon Bay.