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Locating Underground Electrical Lines

Underground electrical line location is the process in which an underground service locator identifies and marks-out electrical cables on your property.

Underground power lines require the proper tools and equipment for them to be appropriately identified and located. Therefore, you must consult a professional underground service locator before breaking-ground on your next project.

Avoid the headache of unnecessary damages, high repair costs and injuries. Call us now at 0420-346-477 to locate power lines and any other underground services on your property or job-site!

Looking for Power Line Locators near me?

Expert Service Locating is the top choice for all your power line locating, and telecommunication locating needs. We have been in the underground utility locating industry for over 17 years. And with an extremely long list of satisfied customers, we ensure each of our underground utility locating services are carried out with the highest standard of quality possible. We have an exceptional track record in preventing damage and high repair costs on various types of properties, and this is all due to our extensive knowledge of Australia’s underground infrastructure.

What Can We Do For You?

We offer state-of-the-art power line location and telecommunication line solutions. We carry out the process of power line locating with the use of electromagnetic detection equipment. The electromagnetic locating process is the most effective and safest way to find underground pipes, cables and power lines.

All our services are carried out by our Telstra accredited, and DBYD certified professionals. Due to our comprehensive knowledge and our wide range of services, we can locate all your water, gas, sewer, power lines and much more.

Ready to know the location of your underground services? Then contact us now at 0420-346-477 and request a free quote!

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