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Gas Line Locating

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What Are Gas Lines?

Much like all underground services, gas lines lay beneath our modern-day cities and infrastructures.

In order to start work on any residential or commercial digging projects, it is necessary to be aware of any underground utility lines before any digging or excavation begins.

Can Damaging a Gas Line Be Dangerous?

If you damage an underground gas pipe due to digging or excavating, this can cause “escapes” which are incredibly harmful and can lead to fires and explosions. Underground gas lines usually cause two types of damages; an immediate escape or an escape which occurs sometime later. Immediate escapes put the workers and people carrying out the digging process in harm’s way as they occur in the immediate area. The second type of escapes occurs some other time when the work has been finished, which leads to corrosion or other hazardous events.

Underground Gas Line Locators

Gas line locating requires electromagnetic line detecting tools and equipment. The process includes a measure of competence as well as diligence. With the help of our advanced electromagnetic detection system, we identify the underground gas pipe location and notify the concerned person about this discovery. Ensuring they avoid these buried gas lines in the future. We then clearly mark lines which identify these spots, so you know which areas to avoid. We also offer Underground Utility Mapping, so you have an on-hand map of what and where your underground utilities are located.

When it comes to gas pipe locating, Expert Service Locating has specialists that can get the job done in no time. Due to our highly qualified and well-versed team, we have unmatched knowledge of the underground infrastructure in Brisbane, Gold Gold Coast and Northern Rivers. Through over 17 years of experience, we have established a reputation unlike any other underground utility locating service in the country. In addition, we are accredited by Telstra and fully insured. So as far as the reliability of our locating services is concerned, you don’t have to worry about anything as you can leave the gas line locating process on your property to us.

To acquire the services of our highly experienced staff and find out about any underground gas lines on your property or any of our otherUnderground Utility Locating Services, contact us now at 0420-346-477 You can also send us an email at Don’t wait any further! Make sure you dial before you dig today and avoid hazardous situations!

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